About Us

    İzmir Science High School has been participating in Model United Nations conferences since 2016 and our students represent our school in various MUN conferences all around Turkey in order to gain experience.

    IFL MUN Club was established by the help of experienced MUNers and our esteemed advisor at the beginning of 2018-2019 academic year in order to inform other students who have no MUN experience at our school. The main goal of IFL MUN Club is to provide our students with an environment so that they can talk to each other, become conscious about the political topics and become skilful at thinking productively.

    MUN Club members learn how the Model United Nations conference committees operate, how they can actively use English as their first foreign language, how they can improve their self-confidence in public speaking and how they can express their opinions about the world's real problems. İzmir Science High School encourages its students to participate in Model United Nations conferences with the aim of increasing awareness of IFL students on social issues as well.

    İzmir Science High School emphasizes the importance of speaking an international language by determining the conference’s official language as English. Our vision is to become one of the best MUN conferences and to have a special place within them.

Letter From The Secretary-General

Dear Participants, Delegates and Advisors,

    "There is nothing that reason and logic cannot solve" as the great leader of the Republic of Turkey, Mustafa Kemal Ataturk, said. When we look back through history, we can easily see that science is the most significant reason for a nation’s development. We can give examples from the world's history addressing the fact that when a side of the world increases their knowledge on science, they are in better condition than the one which doesn’t give enough importance to science.

    Today, we all recognise that some countries use science and technology mostly for the destruction of other nations’ strength and prosperity because such countries only care about their own benefits and interests. They do not care about the rest of the humanity. Even though the situation is that serious and complicated, the world still has a chance. Nations can solve such problematic issues through diplomacy. Depending upon this fact, we have chosen the motto of MUNIFL’19 as follows: “In the path of science and diplomacy.”

    My name is Mehmet AKKOYUN, and I have the honour to serve the Model United Nations of Izmir Science High School as the Secretary-General.
    We have been imagining about this conference since we joined our first MUN conference. When we decided to organize MUNIFL conference, most of us weren’t so experienced about MUN. However, as our team members keep attending many MUN conferences both as delegates, USG and chair board members, we have gained lots of experience, got several awards and had more knowledge concerning the field of diplomacy and UN procedure, but most importantly we have learned the power of being a team. As the members of this precious team, we all hope that MUNIFL will be one of the most prestigious conferences in our country.

    As MUNIFL team, our mission is to encourage our participants to find the most beneficial and practical solutions for the world's most problematic and updated issues, that's why the agenda items of all committees have been chosen with great care by our respective Under Secretaries General.

    Before concluding my letter, I would like to welcome you to the first annual session of MUNIFL, which will be held on 18-21 June 2019, on behalf of our esteemed Director-General Melihşah TAŞIN, our distinguished Deputy Secretary-General Cemre TAŞ, our honourable Deputy Director-General Azmi Ege KAYKUSUZ and each member of our Academic and Organization Team.

    Follow us in the path of science and diplomacy.

Kindest Regards,
Secretary-General of MUNIFL’19


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